Warranty Policy

Having a problem with your purchase? JD Lighting is an official authorised retailer so all products sold by us are covered by manufacturer’s warranty. Please consult the individual product packaging and documentation regarding warranty periods as they may vary at different lengths.

Please note that ALL ELECTRICAL WORK MUST BE PERFORMED BY A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN, with the exception of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) products.

Failure to do so will effectively void the manufacturer’s warranty. In addition any repair work or modification of the product without the approval of JD Lighting or the manufacturer will also void your warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover incorrect installation, normal wear or aging, damage through incorrect use or power surges.


Depending on the product, you may be covered by either a replacement warranty or in-home warranty.

  • Replacement Warranty – Your item will be replaced if a fault is found within the warranty period.
  • In-Home Warranty – If your item is found to be faulty and that is has already been installed by a licensed electrician, the manufacturer will arrange for a service agent to repair, replace, and re-install the replacement product for you. This will save you the additional cost of hiring an electrician for re-installation.

Here you can find a list of information from the manufacturers for all your warranty queries.

Atlas Fans http://www.atlasfans.com.au/
Atom Lighting http://www.atomlighting.com.au
Brilliant Lighting http://www.brilliantlighting.com.au
CLA Lighting http://www.clalighting.com.au
Cougar Lighting http://www.cougarlighting.com.au
Crompton Lighting http://www.eglolighting.com.au
Eglo Lighting http://www.eglolighting.com.au
Fiorentino Imports http://www.fiorentino.com.au
Fuzion Lighting http://www.fuzionlighting.com.au
Havit Lighting http://www.havit.com.au
Hermosa Lighting http://www.hermosalighting.com.au
Hunter Fans http://www.hunterfans.com.au
Hunter Pacific http://www.hunterpacific.com.au
IXL - Samford http://www.sampfordixl.com.au
Martec Australia http://www.martecaustralia.com.au
Mercator Lighting http://www.mercator.com.au
MyFan http://www.myfan.com.au
SAL Sunny Lighting http://www.sunnylighting.com.au
Telbix Australia http://www.telbix.com
Tradetec http://www.tradetec.com.au
Ventair http://ventair.com.au