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Brilliant Turbine Inline Exhaust Fan Air & Heat Transfer Kit

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Need help choosing the right exhaust fan? Read our exhaust fan guide here.

Transfer heat from one room to another, quickly and easily. Utilise an existing heating/cooling source to its full potential and overcome the need for separate heating appliances in individual rooms. An air transfer kit can often be the most economical way of redirecting air within your home.

What is in this kit?

  • 1 x 47W Inline Exhaust Fan
  • 4 x Ring Clamps
  • 2 x White ABS Grills
  • 2 x 3m Aluminium Single Layer Ducting

The solution to heating or cooling your house more efficiently

Air transfer kits move excess hot or cold air from one room to another, so you heat or cool your house more efficiently.

Circulate trapped air

Home insulation and heating products (fires, gas, electric heating, etc) have all improved in quality and efficiency over the years and in many instances home owners are finding their heating systems are overefficient for the room they are situated in. An air transfer kit will exhaust excess hot/cold air that would otherwise be wasted and circulate it to a designated room. The benefits of a air transfer system include saving energy and removing the need to buy additional heater elements for the other rooms. The key principle is to transfer heat, not to waste it.

Transfer the Heat to Another Room

This problem is easily and inexpensively overcome with the installation of an air transfer system, which utilises this otherwise wasted heat by moving it throughout the home.

How our Air Transfer Kit works

Warm/Cool air is picked up through a ceiling vent which is ideally placed opposite the heating/cooling element to allow the source room to heat/cool first. An Inline fan will then transfer the hot/cold air to the vents in the destination room(s). The system can be controlled manually via a wall switch or through a thermostat (not included), (controlled by the temperature of the room).

Improved circulation

As air is removed from the heated room, replacement air is drawn from adjacent rooms, creating a natural re-circulation, hence warm, dry air is constantly being circulated throughout the home.

Why Use An In Line Exhaust Fan?

In Line exhaust fans are installed in the roof space above (or slightly away) from the area of installation. Many choose to have an In Line fan because of its flexibility in being able to be mounted anywhere in the roof space above the room. Further to this, because it doesn’t have to be mounted directly on the room, In Line fans can be a very quiet ventilation solution.

Key Features
  • Powerful 47W motor with Axial fan
  • Moves up to 500m³/hr
  • 175mm diameter impeller
  • Ball bearing motorfor quiet usage
  • Ø150mm duct inlet/outlet size
  • IPX4 rated
  • DIY installation
More Information
Product Category Exhaust Fans
SKU 19951/05
Brand Brilliant Lighting
Exhaust Type Inline (in roofspace)
Motor Wattage 47W
Air Extraction Capacity 500m³/hr
Ducting Included Yes
Ducting Location Side Ducting
Ducting Size 150mm
Colour – Primary White
IP Rating IPX4
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