Style Guides

  1. Black & White
    Modern, edgy and sophisticated. Black will always remain in style
  2. Boho
    A style reflecting the relaxed and carefree nature of Bohemian influences.
  3. Classic
    Explore the classical designs that have stood the test of time
  4. Coastal
    Explore the coastal-influenced style of light colours and relaxed design
  5. Contemporary
    A style reflecting the professional and sophistic nature of Contemporary influences.
  6. Country & Colonial
    Explore the style that has traveled with people across the world
  7. Crystal
    Explore the range of beautiful sparkling crystal design
  8. Hamptons
    A style reflecting the laid-back, high-end coastal lifestyle of Hamptons bay area
  9. Industrial
    A range influenced by dark colours and industrial spaces
  10. Luxe Elegance
    Contemporary luxury infused with metallic highlights
  11. Modern
    Styles representing the best of 21st century modern living & design
  12. Retro
    Create a colourful, quirky and unique environment with the Retro influenced design
  13. Scandinavian
    Explore the Nordic-influenced style of neutral shades and minimalism design