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House fire are devastating to homeowners and businesses resulting in property damage which are expensive to fix. Death from house fire can occur when there is no safety guidelines in place or devices not installed such as the smoke alarms. House fires occurs commonly in the colder months due to heating appliances while kitchen fires are caused by cooking. By installing smoke alarms it reduce damages and even save lives.

Types of Smoke Alarms

There are two most used smoke alarms on the market, onGard got you covered with the following – (i) ionisation smoke alarm (ii) photoelectric smoke alarm.

  • Ionisation Smoke Alarm: This type of smoke alarm is highly sensitive to small particles and more likely to produce false alarm from cooking when it is installed in the kitchen. The device works well at detecting fast-flaming fires that produce visible smoke. Many house fires tend to be slow burning with smoke but no flame, the downside of this device is that the ionisation alarm aren’t as fast detecting these, by the time it does, it will be too late.

  • Photoelectric Smoke Alarm: Photoelectric version are not as nearly sensitive as the ionisation smoke alarm and it is better at detecting smouldering smokes. Before the smouldering smoke burst into flames, it alerts everyone in time to take action and safely evacuate the property and call the fire brigade. The great advantage about this type of smoke alarm is that you can install it in the kitchen without it giving off a false alarm. However dust and insects that enters the unit can trigger a false alarm, as a recommendation it is best to clean it occasionally.

onGard Smoke Alarms Made to Keep Your Family Safe

Keeping your family safe doesn’t cost you a fortune, onGard by Garland has a full range of smoke alarms with interconnecting capability giving your home an immediate complete system. When one of the interconnected alarm is set off, all interconnected alarms immediately siren to notify the occupants throughout the home.


If you cannot have your smoke alarm hardwired, you do have the option to choose the onGard wireless interconnected smoke detector system. This system has the exact same benefit as the hardwired smoke alarm without the laborious and hard to reach wiring.

When choosing either an ionisation or photoelectric smoke alarm, ensure the type is suitable for use based on where it is installed. All onGard smoke alarms comes with 10 year warranty and are compliant with the Australian Standards and Active Fire Certified.

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