Frequently Asked Questions


 When should I book my electrician?

  • We suggest waiting after you have received and inspected your product, as sometimes changes need to be made. We also offer our JD Electrical services for greater Brisbane and Gold Coast customers.


Ceiling Fans:

 Can I extend the length of a ceiling fan?

  • Yes! JD Lighting supply a range of extension rods for certain ceiling fans. Contact us with your specific model and we’ll let you know if we supply a suitable extension rod for that model.


Can I shorten the length of a ceiling fan?

  • Yes! However, we do not recommend shortening the space between the blades and the ceiling too much. The blades need space there to suck in airflow, once you reduce this space, the capacity for the fan to operate with sufficient air flow is significantly reduced.
  • If the fan has a light, we do not recommend shortening the height.
  • If the fan has no light, it can be shortened by a licensed electrician, usually, the minimum is 15cm.


Which fan is best for coastal areas?

  • Anything identified with ABS is best for coastal areas, as plastic blades do not rust. Additionally, powder-coated motors are better suited to coastal areas.


Exhaust Fans:

 Can the exhaust fans with lighting and heating be wired to operate on the same or on different switches?

  • Yes! This can be done by a licensed electrician.


What kind of exhaust fan do I need for my bathroom?

  • We have a blog detailing the formulas regarding room space, steam amount, and fan placement! To work out which exhaust fan is needed for your space, you can find the blog post here. 


What are wattage, lumens, and volts?

  • Wattage refers to the amount of energy burned to produce a set number of lumens. This is why LED lights are more energy-efficient than fluorescent or halogen lights.
  • Lumens refers to the measure of light output.
  • Volts refers to the operating electrical current required to power on a device, such as a lighting fixture. (240W for standard Australian output and 12W for low voltage garden lighting)


Do I need a smart gang switch AND smart globes in order to change over to a smart lighting system?

  • No! You can either purchase smart globes which is controllable through an app on your phone, or you can use a Smart Glass System.
  • Want more information on smart lighting? We have a blog post with more detail here.


Is this item weatherproof?

  • Check the IP number! An IP number is listed in the specifications of most products and indicates how well a product fares against solids like dust, and liquids. For more information, we have a blog post on how to read IP numbers here.


What is 3000K and 5000K?

  • These numbers refer to white light tones such as warm white (3000K) and cool white (5000K). We have a blog post detailing the benefits of white light tones here.

What is tri-colour?

  • Tri-colour also refers to white light tones and refers to the device’s capability to change between tones (from 3000k to 5000k) rather than choosing just one tone. For more information, have a read of our blog post here.


What does flush and recessed mean?

  • Flush refers to the space between a light fixture and the ceiling, or rather, the lack thereof.
  • Recessed refers to a fixture which extrudes from the ceiling.


What does COB mean?

  • COB refers to the LED chip placement. In short, COB downlights provide a better and more focused light source with no frosting on the lens; COB downlights penetrate further and are better for higher ceilings. For more detail, read our blog post on SMD and COB downlights here.


Can I adjust the length of a semi-flush pendant light cord?

  • Yes, this can be done by a licensed electrician!


Motion Sensors

 Can I get a motion sensor that works only during the night?

  • Yes! Make sure you purchase a ‘dusk till dawn’ model, otherwise they will continue to operate during the day as well.


Can I get a motion sensor that works inside the house?

  • Yes! You would be looking at a motion sensor downlight. Most people looking to purchase a motion sensor light for indoor purposes use it for within a pantry, or near doorways.