Build your perfect LED strip light

At JD Lighting, we are experts in providing tailored LED strip lighting solutions that are made just for you. Choose from a variety of options that suit your individual needs; from length and shape; to colour and intensity of light. Each order, no matter the size, is specifically built according to your requirements and delivered straight to your doorsteps.

Starting from just $149 per metre, your custom built kit comes complete with driver and your choice of aluminium extrusion.

Hand made locally with love in Brisbane, Australia.

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Why we are the best in the industry

Highest quality Epistar LED chips

We only use the highest quality LED chips from Epistar Corporation, a world leading LED chip manufacturer in Taiwan. The result is a superior product that performs significantly better in every aspect.

Nano-coating technology

Our LED strips are treated with nano coating, a premium coating technology that adds IP65 weatherproof rating. Our nano-coated LED strips offer significantly better protection against water compared to standard gel-coating strips.

Genuine 3M tape

We only use genuine 3M tape to ensure better adhesive performance and improved heat dissipation.

5 Year Commercial Warranty*

We are so confident in our products that we are offering a 5 Year Commercial Warranty that covers our LED strips against any manufacturing defects.

*Commercial warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and/or issues arising from poor installations.

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