Hot stone massage anyone? Be welcomed into a space of tranquility and relaxation. With a variety of quality spa treatments and rejuvenating treatments, Wonderful Massage & Spa is your one-stop shop to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. So, whether you're holding tension in your neck, back, or shoulders, head into Wonderful Massage & Spa to relax and reset!

Walking through modern shopping centers can be stressful, you're rubbing shoulders with strangers and dodging prams and sudden obstacles in foot traffic. In amongst the chaos of shopping, especially during those holiday periods, a small moment of calm can be just what you need. And even from the outside of this spa, you can see that they have just what you need. With a calming neutral colour pallet and juxtaposition of warm, relaxing colour tones to the clean tones of daylight, this fitout was designed to be both clean-cut and warm. The entryway is fit with a stunning two-tier island that has the illusion of floating or hovering above the stones. This is because our Lampada warm-toned striplight and extrusion have been installed to create a downlit effect. The same is installed within the archway shelving. However, as you can see, the strip is installed bidirectionally, meaning it is installed to shine both upward and downward, highlighting products from every angle. The tone of light within shelving is a daylight tone, which has connotations of professionalism as daylight tones of light as associated with clinical institutions that relate to wellness and cleanliness.

As you move through this fitout, you can see lengths of strip creating an uplit effect on walls and are installed amongst stones. Similarly, lines of light are lining curves along ceilings and beneath plant fixtures. Using strip along walls and to define barriers is common in commercial design, however often used in a downward manner.This method of up lighting and bidirectional lighting that has been untilised here is largely unique to this fitout and has not been used often for our commercial fitouts. This method does a wonderful job at highlighting barriers. For task lighting, the Lampada Premio downlights were naturally the best choice for this fitout as they have an architectural look, are anti-glare, and have five different options for colour tone selectable on the fitting; perfect for Wonderful Massage & Spa who use both warm white and daylight colour tones.