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Creed Electrical, our latest partner to join the JD Lighting Commercial department,  is a rapidly expanding family-owned and operated Brisbane electrical company. They specialise in all types of commercial and industrial premises, with an extensive knowledge in both lighting design and installation.

For this particular project, Creed Electrical has teamed up with JD Lighting to carry out an exciting electrical and lighting fitouts in Brisbane for the recently launched modern Italian restaurant, il verde. il verde is the latest Italian dining destination to hit the famous King Street of Fortitude Valley, Brisbane in Queensland. With a combined 40 years of experience in Italian cuisine, the owners at il verde are no strangers to wholesome Italian cuisine. The goal of this project is to use good ambient lighting, and touches of accent lighting to create a warm, inviting and cosy atmosphere for il verde. Oh mamma mia! We think the final results are amazing!

Key Features of il verde Lighting Project:

  • High Output Commercial LED downlights
  • Architectural Low Glare LED downlights
  • Brass & Gold Indoor Commercial Wall Lights
  • Modern Pendant Lighting

High Output Commercial LED Downlights

The high output LED downlights selected are suitable for commercial use and produce more light per watt lasting 50 times longer than standard Halogen light globe. Efficiency is a huge factor for il verde since it allows them to reduce their energy costs down by at least 30%. This is extremely important to them since every quarter Queensland’s electricity keeps on increasing. The commercial LED downlights produces an even spread of brightness around the restaurant without compromising the inviting atmosphere and feel of il verde. This maximizes the use of the high output of these LED downlights.


Architectural Low Glare LED Downlights

Certain areas of the restaurant where the mood / ambient lighting is critical, a low glare LED downlight are being used without compromising the architectural design. Low glare LED downlights is suitable where superior longevity and light quality is required. There are a selection of colour temperature and housing sizes available catering various interior lighting specification.

Brass & Gold Indoor Commercial Wall Lights

Wall lighting has been used within homes and shops for decades even dating back to centuries ago. Today’s wall lights look and feel are endless in terms of modern, contemporary and its edgy designs suiting the theme and style. In il verde particular case, Creed Electrical have selected wall lights in brass and gold to accentuate certain part of the wall within the restaurant.


Modern Pendant Lighting

Adding a unique flair to the interior creating that modern stylish look is simple by using modern pendant lighting. This is what il verde have chosen to do.  Pendant lighting gives off a pool of light focusing on a particular area.


Photo credits to il verde

In partnership with  Creed Electrical

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