Sanctuary Cove has a new high-end bakery in town! Rise Bakery is a French-inspired artisan bakery serving up a combination of sweet treats and champagne. Get a sneak peek at how your pastry is made in the large arched windows that look through to the kitchen where skilled pastry chefs carefully craft your midday desserts. With a wide assortment of desserts, rolls, and sandwiches, Rise Bakery has something to soothe everyone's cravings. As you walk in, you'll notice gold accents, arches, and soft strip lighting. We used a combination of premium architectural gimble downlights by Lampada Lighting and surface-mounted can lights. The arches which display the loaves and freshly baked bread are lit with nano-flex striplight which is bendable technology. The display cases are atop a gorgeous countertop that is lined with Lampada striplight and profile, equipt with a dimmable driver. Peeking through to the production side of Rise, you'll see large panel lights encased in an aluminum frame for a surface-mounted look. What you see here are powerful 40w panels paired with an anti-glare diffuser. This type of strategic task lighting ensures staff have ample lighting for all the finer details of decorating without the headaches and eye strain that can come from overpowering light. The colour tone chosen for the production side of Rise Bakery is a daylight tone to ensure staff feel alert and energized, whereas the tone customers see is mostly a relaxing warm tone.