The Concept

From the creators of European-inspired Darvella patisserie (check out the Darvella fitout here!), Melrose is a Thai and Indonesian-inspired Rooftop Restaurant and Bar. The owners of both restaurants, Giorgina Venzin and Chris Hollingsworth, enjoy their frequent getaways to countries like Bali and Thailand. They wanted a warm and vibrant atmosphere to replicate the experience, with a modern twist, of course.

With that in mind, we used a variety of both functional and feature products to really emphasise the theme the owners were going for. For example, premium Lampada anti-glare downlights and Pegasus downlights as functional lights – these are great for providing the bulk of the light while being recessed into the ceiling and flush with the ceiling so our decorative fans, with leaf imitation blades and our high-output Lampada Curva up down wall lights, can steal the show. We also used a lot of Lampada strip lighting for this project, which is placed under the counter, in the shelving, and atop the bar. All of the lighting used for this project was set to 3000k warm white, a contrast to the Darvella fitout which was predominantly cool white tones.