Langanis the brand is known for its modern take on hair, its fashionable stylists, and its unique urban barbershops. Their hairstylist team are comprised of a range of international stylists who specialise in track designs, pixie cuts, and under cuts. They also have their own range of styling products such as their firm hold wax available in store. JD Lighting are proud supplier of Langanis' lighting design and has designed unique custom lighting for all three Langanis locations. Check out the video above, where you will see our most recent fitout! You'll also get a glimpse of the fun, vibrant, urban vibe of the space and people that make this barber brand so noteworthy in the industry.

We love working with the team at Langanis Barbers to create beautiful and innovative spaces. Check out our last two fitouts for Langanise here and here. The highly anticipated Brisbane City Langanis location was decked out in custom Lampada Smart RGB strip lighting encased in a suspended aluminum casing. We used a combination of Phillips Hue, Brilliant Smart, and Lampada materials to create this unique custom colour changing scene. We also created large vertical cylinder pendants which sit behind the shelving units and are perched in clusters.