The Scene

New Farm is one of Brisbane's oldest suburbs! The architecture style within this booming location is a mix of 19-20th century Queenslander homes and contemporary hybrids! There's no doubt that New Farm draws in the young, cool, and cultured, not just because of all that nightlife that bleeds in from Brisbane's party district - Fortitude Valley or 'The Valley' - but because New Farm is also very up-market and filled with likeminded creatives in business. The combination of these themes makes for a unique environment. So, when office space like this property on Arthur Street becomes available, an opportunity arises for one to become a part of that scene, to build or re-invent your vision. 

The Dream Team

These Arthur Street newly renovated office spaces are yet to be occupied but a much-needed breath of life both externally and internally has entered the room. Without an established tenant, this property has been transformed into a high-end neutral space that is open, airy, and truly inviting. Designed by our friends at Clui Design, brought to life by Lowry Group, and photographed by the talents of Blackardt - JD Lighting supplied only our best lighting and emergency equipment for ASL Electrical to work their magic.

No Glare 

Lampada Lighting is one of our recommended and preferred brands as their quality and technology are unmatched. So, we supplied premium Lampada Premio downlights which have a multi-colour technology and a slimline architectural look. The Premio downlight offers clients an anti-glare gimble frame design that allows you to either point the downlight directly downward or, anywhere up to 25° to each side. Because this light is recessed into the ceiling, glare from traditional downlights is significantly reduced. This is incredibly beneficial for office spaces as staff spend a larger portion of their day in the office and glare is known to cause discomfort and headaches. The Premio downlight provides a solution for those seeking productivity and the longevity of their employee's well-being and comfortability for their visitors and client base.


Ever noticed that when you're filming a video on your iPhone or even sometimes with a camera, lights have a flashing or 'strobing' issue? This is due to the way LED lighting works. You see, the chips that produce the light don't actually stay on, they actually emit super fast flashes of light that the human eye cannot detect, but cameras can. The Premio by Lampada Lighting was designed to emit light at a much higher frequency so as to not produce that flickering effect other downlights have. Having a flicker-free downlight system is perfect for businesses producing a lot of in-home video content whether that's professionally or just for social media!

The Highlight

The communal kitchen was also fitted with a combination of Lampada strip light and recessed extrusion under cabinetry, elevating the overall look of the space. As this brand of strip light is coated with Nanotechnology, it is made safe for use around basins and other water-producing areas. Meaning it can be installed almost anywhere. The most common area you'll see striplight installed is around benches, under shelves, behind mirrors, and at the bottom of risen parts of flooring to produce a 'hovering effect', and along walls to highlight a boundary that ends up looking really polished.

Guided to Safety

Emergency routes are required to have clear signage to guide all those on the premises to safety in case of a fire or other form of emergency. It is crucial for this signage to be the first thing we see when we search for an exit path, and in emergencies like a fire, for example, we might only have seconds to make a move. That's why it's so important for quality exit and pathfinding signage to be installed. Traditional exit signs can be bulky, discolored, and in general, aren't that pleasing to look at. For this fitout, we supplied the Lampada Guardian LED Emergency Exit Signs which is a Slimline double-sided ceiling-mounted sign for the emergency escape routes. The Lampada emergency signs come in both white and black options and are all designed to be reliable and slimline.