What are the new smoke alarm rules? Does it apply to me? What smoke alarm should I buy?
JD Lighting will answer these questions for you in this post.

Queensland government has enforced a new smoke alarm legislation in response to the 150 house fire deaths in the past 12 years and the Slacks Creek house fire in 2011 that left 11 people dead.

The new legislation will mostly affect Queensland but JD Lighting will endeavour to keep the information updated if changes are applied to other states.

So What Are the New Changes?

The new QLD 2017 legislation requires that smoke alarms must be:

  • Photoelectric type only.
  • Less than 10 years old.
  • Hard wired to the electricity supply or powered by a non-removable 10 year battery.
  • Interconnected to every other smoke alarm. (i.e. they all activate together)
  • Installed in every bedroom.
  • Installed in hallways or areas serving bedrooms.
  • Installed in the exit path of every storey not containing bedrooms.

Does This Apply to Me?

The new QLD 2017 legislation comes into effect:

  • Existing dwellings: From 1 Jan 2027
  • Dwellings being sold, leased or an existing lease is renewed: From 1 Jan 2022
  • New dwellings and dwellings being substantially renovated: From 1 Jan 2017

*Dwellings= House, townhouse and units

Here is the information sheet from the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

Why do I have to buy Photoelectric Smoke Alarms?

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

These alarms are said to “see” the smoke as they use a light beam in a sensing chamber to detect the smoke. They respond faster to fires at its early smouldering stage, which is a common stage in house fires. They are also less likely to trigger false alarms from cooking or bathroom steam.

Ionisation Smoke Alarms

These alarms are said to “smell” the smoke as they use a very small amount of radioactive material which creates an electric current between two metal plates. This current triggers the alarm when smoke enters the chamber. They are quick to respond to fast flaming fires, such as cooking fires. However this makes them prone to more false alarms.

Which Smoke Alarm Should I Choose?

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are more suited to the home environment and all Ionisation Smoke Alarms will eventually need to be replaced in Queensland. You can usually tell which type your smoke alarm is by looking for a radioactive warning label on Ionisation Smoke Alarms, or the word “photoelectric” or a capital letter P printed or embossed on Photoelectric Smoke Alarms.

Why Should I Buy from JD Lighting?

Our smoke alarms are sourced from Australia's trusted manufacturer of fire protection & security products PSA and the smoke alarms were specifically selected to combat this new legislation. All our smoke alarms meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS 3786. They are covered by excellent warranty and can be purchased online or from our Brisbane store. Please note the smoke alarms should be installed by a licensed electrician.

Have you started buying new smoke alarms in line with the new smoke alarm legislation? Buy Photoelectric Smoke Alarms now from JD Lighting.