If you or your child is on TikTok, you’ve surely seen the latest trend: LED RGB strip lights that change the colour of your room. This is done by using our Lampada LED strip lights, usually, stuck to the top corners of the room. TikTok creators have used these changing colours to sync to songs and have even used it to show off UV changing make up!

Gen Z TikTok users often have little control over the decoration of their rooms or dorms, but because LED Strip lights are applied by using 3M tape, and can be safely removed. This is just another reason this trend has spiked with the younger generation. With these relatively low-cost strip lights, the room, or sections of the room pink, purple, green, blue, heck…any colour under the sun, we’re not kidding, the Lampada RGB Strip lights are tunable to 14 million different colours.

Not only is this method of lighting changeable and removable, but it can also give your kids (or yourself if you are a big kid) a sense of creative autonomy, that is, being allowed creative control over a space to really make it your own! These are also a low voltage product, meaning you do not need an electrician to install this, they can be cut, and customized, and installed wherever you like. Our strip light kits also include a driver, and a flex and plug. So, why not have a little DIY bonding moment?!

LED Strip Lights can be controlled with a remote control or with a device like a smartphone! Meaning you can control yours you’re your child’s strip lights remotely with your phone. LED RGB Strip lights can also be controlled to be dimmed, and to tune into 14 million different colours with a Brilliant Remote Control. They have a 120-degree beam angle too!

Strip lights are not only used for TikTok creators and their bedrooms, they are versatile and can add a sense of class to bathrooms, fixtures, and are often used to highlight and define, even in restaurants. Our Lampada Strip lights can also be placed in bathrooms and kitchens, as they have an IP rating of 44 due to the nano-spray coating, making them far more superior than gel-coated Strip lights from competitors.

What to look out for:

Something that sets our strip lights apart from the budget/lower quality competitors, is the spacing between LED chips per strip. An LED strip light needs to go into an extrusion with a frosted cover, to honor our 5-year warranty, which also makes the strips look like continuous light rather than separate dots of light.