The style of Scandinavian interior design is arguably one of the most popular interior design styles that has swept the world in recent years. The popularity of the Scandinavian design evolution has been adopted all around the globe in homewares, furniture and lighting designs especially making a huge impact in Australia.

Australians adore the Scandinavian style due to its distinct look, which has a strong focus on simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Scandinavian homes are usually distinguished by minimal ornamentation, practical interiors, with flawless craftsmanship and understated elegance.

So How Did the Scandinavian Style Come About?

This style originated in the 1950s as part of a modern movement in five Nordic countries – Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark – that prioritised function and affordability over luxury and extravagance. Highlighted by the use of neutral colours, natural materials and lean and clean lines, this design aesthetics was largely a response to the Nordic region’s short days and long winters, which called for bright, light and practical interiors.

Fast forward to today, Scandinavian design has become a firm favourite among minimalists for inspiring a clutter-free lifestyle, and is particularly trendy around the start of every year, when New Year resolutions to declutter are still fresh.

So how can we create that beautiful Scandinavian interior design for our own homes? Here is our take on how you can infuse your space with Scandinavian design with the clever use of lighting.

Lighting is Key

Lighting is known as the life source of any Scandinavian interior design. With only seven daylight hours to spare in Winter months, Scandinavians spend a lot of time indoors during the long, dark Winter nights. Lighting is therefore incorporated into many aspects of Scandinavian interior design. The first important point is to allow natural lighting into the interior as much as possible.

Ways to Maximise Natural Lighting for Scandinavian Interior Design

Here are some tips on how Scandinavian interiors can maximise lightness in a room:

  • Neutral colour palette

The foundation of contemporary Scandinavian design is based on neutral colours, with a white, sometimes cream, base. Serene, muted neutrals, such as pale blue or cool grey are also quite unique to Scandinavian minimalism, making rooms look very bright and spacious. This clear background will also allow for a maximum visual impact when it comes to additional design elements. If you have a knack for colourful things, you may consider incorporating it in the small details throughout the house. This includes pendants, vases, rugs, table and floor lamps, and wall art which can be used to spice up a room.

  • Furniture and homewares with clean lines

Modern Scandinavian furniture and homeware design embraces symmetry and clarity. Clean lines, organic shapes, and tall legs, will create a feeling of spaciousness and airiness.

  • Walls and Flooring

White is the basic foundation colour for Scandinavian interior walls and flooring. Choosing a light colour will help reflect natural light and create an optical illusion of space, especially important for rooms with low ceilings. Truly Scandinavian interiors will often feature white or light wood flooring. Interestingly, carpet never really took off in Nordic countries. The reason is because natural wood floors will expand the space and invite more light, while maintaining a feeling of airiness and cleanliness.

Scandinavian Lighting Design

Natural light must be also complemented by modern lighting. Scandinavians rely heavily on modern lighting to light up their interiors due to their shorter daylight hours. The same principles of Scandinavian design apply to Scandinavian lighting fixtures. Most Scandinavian modern lighting features a simple, neutral white aesthetic and the same clean lines found in Scandinavian furniture and homewares – therefore nothing too extravagant like crystal chandeliers here!

There are four main categories of modern lighting that can be used to compliment the Scandinavian interior design:

1. Scandinavian Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a great way to incorporate Scandinavian style to your interior. Pendant lights are relatively inexpensive, come in a large variety of choices and has the flexibility to be used in many different settings. People most commonly use pendant lights above kitchen islands, dining tables and staircases but recently we have witnessed increasingly innovative ways of using this type of lighting fixture. Here are two examples of how you can use pendant lights in refreshing ways:

  • Hanging beside the bed, directly above the bedside tables. This helps to save precious space on the bedside table.
  • Hanging inside the bathroom, such as beside the mirror or above the bath tub.

We have also selected few of our team’s favourite Scandinavian-style pendant lights below for your consideration:

Scandinavian Pendant Lights Featured 

Keep it simple while preserving a natural look with the Eglo Campilo Wowen Cocoon Style Pendant Light or the Mercator Fiji Woven Fiber Shade Pendant Light, also ideal to keep the light muted and inviting through their woven shades.

When it comes to uncomplicated design, the Mercator Madrid Glass Pendant Light and its clear sphere glass works perfectly with large LED filament style globes, while the Eglo Silvares Grey Steel 3 Light Pendant and the different hanging heights of its light bulbs will allow creativity with its placement.

Another couple of statement pieces with the Lampada Uccello Concrete Shade & Black Cage Pendant Light and the Mercator Petra Metal & Timber Pendant Light, which are simple, practical and elegant. Those pendants both feature a matt black metal cage, with a concrete shade for the Lampada Uccello and a beautiful oak timber lamp holder for the Mercator Petra.

As we said before, Scandinavian design is all about simple and neutral colours. The Mercator Madeline Pendant Light with Timber with their metal dome, timber highlight, and light finish are a superb choice to embrace a simple colour palette and channel the perfect Scandinavian design for your home.

2. Scandinavian Wall Lights

 Scandinavian Wall Lights Featured

The Larz LED Indoor Wall Light has a unique curve shape giving off an elegant look and feel to any wall inside your home. The LED light saves energy and costs over a long term use and it’s available in two colours black and white.

Pentax Wall LED Light is made from aluminium with a coated of Matt White finish to complement a neutral interior palette. Its shape gives off moderate light while providing classic Scandinavian style to your living or work space.

Corsten LED Wall Light has a luxe-rustic design with a brushed bronze finish for durability and a Scandinavian modern rustic look. The Corsten wall light can be place in the hallway, dining area and entrance. Chism LED Small Wall Light designed for small areas coated with a matt white finish giving it a Scandinavian modern feel. 

3. Scandinavian Floor Lamps

 Scandinavian Floor Lamps Featured

Rosco Floor Lamp is an ideal adornment to a room setting a welcoming warm feeling when guest arrives. Its natural timber finish and tapered linin fabric shade establish a classic Scandinavian minimalist look to any room. Vinnie Natural Timber Floor Lamp is a full natural timber construction design with an adjustable arm and head angle allowing various form of configuration. Vinnie floor lamp stands to make an impression illuminating your living room or reading corner without taking the centre stage.

Esme Natural Timber Floor Lamp is a perfect accessory making a statement without boundary. You can say this lamp is a fusion between Scandinavian and industrial chic style look due to the natural timber look with black cotton shade and red cord. Ideal in any study area, reading space and dark corners. Belmore Chrome & Timber Floor Lamp is design to create a Scandinavian sleek and stylish feel to any home or office. The combination of chrome, walnut woodgrain and the linin shade gives the floor lamp a relaxing and comfortable appeal while providing the room the classic look to stand the test of time.

4. Scandinavian Table Lamps

 Scandinavian Table Lamps Featured

Florence Concrete and Fabric Table Lamp is a fusion of modern industrial and Scandinavian lighting design in mind. The frosty faded concrete base with painted bronze highlight and white linin shade is great for the bedroom, living room and office space. Harrison Timber Style LED Touch Table Lamp is another fusion style that’s cross between industrial and Scandinavian theme and suitable for home study area and office. Its polished low profile timber arm and round concrete base gives the design a modern industrial and sophistication feel. Peeta Natural Timber Table Lamp is a contemporary design with an attractive distinctive wooden pentagon base matched with white linin shade. This table lamp will be the conversation around the living area every time guests arrives.

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