Brilliant 18W LED T8 Acrylic Replacement Tube

Brilliant LightingBrilliant 18W LED T8 Acrylic Replacement Tube

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Brilliant Lighting – 18W LED T8 Replacement Tube

Brilliant’s new LED T8 linear tube is an ideal retrofit solution for traditional T8 fluorescent lamps. Offering both high performance and energy efficiency, it is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications. It also features an acrylic diffuser, making it safe for use in commercial kitchens.

Energy Saving
Regular T8 fluorescent lamps consume 36 Watts of power with a further ~9 Watts lost in the magnetic ballast. As a result, total power consumption per lamp is actually around 45 Watts. To the contrary, Brilliant LED tube consumes just 18 Watts in total. Resulting in up to 60% energy savings in some fittings.

Lumen Output
Lumens is a measure of total light output. It is true that the Brilliant LED tube produces less lumens than a modern T8 fluorescent tube. However, regular T8 tubes release their light in all directions (360˚). Much of this light is lost in the fitting and to unused parts of the room. The LED tube only directs its light output downward, where it is actually needed. It has a beam angle of about 140˚ so it still spreads light throughout the room, but without losing any light to the fixture or ceiling.

Please note: Only suitable with iron-core magnetic ballast. DO NOT USE with electronic ballast.

Ensure conventional starter is removed and replaced with LED starter link, supplied in box.

Available in:

- Cool White 4200K
- Daylight 6500K