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Why Now is the Time to Switch to LED Lighting

We knew it was coming when Swedish furniture giant IKEA recently announced a global switch to 100% LED lighting, which will put an end to the sale of halogen and energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs. More importantly, this move sends a loud and clear message to all commercial businesses (and even homeowners) that the day has come for us to leave the past behind and embrace light-emitting diodes (LEDs) fully. While many of us had moments of ‘price tag shock’ with LEDs just three years ago, their quality and cost have come a long way to finally reach a tipping point, and now is the right time to make the switch.

We know that you do not have time to read through volumes of research analysis or long list of boring scientific texts. So we have created a simple infographic to communicate the competitive advantages of LED lighting solutions to businesses and homeowners. This infographic focuses on “Why Now, rather than later”. As we like to call it: “Just like a super fund, the earlier you invest in LEDs, the more benefits in savings you reap in the long term”.