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Love That Style Lookbook :: Pendant Lights

LOVE THAT STYLE is our latest lookbook of the trendiest products to feature the raw industrial look that is taking the Australian interior design and home renovations industry by storm. The raw industrial design incorporates the layering of luxurious finishes such as concrete, copper, cork, and timber with a neutral colour palette to create a warm, earthy yet modern look. Our central theme here is versatility – with a little tweak these pendant lights can be seamlessly incorporated to suit different home décor. Remember to pair them with carbon filament globes for an absolutely stunning effect!

Concrete is the latest material to hit the interior design and home renovations industry. The washed concrete appearance of these pendant lights give off a soft and cool tone that is contrasted by warm timber details for a subtly stylish and modern look. The Moscow pendant light caught our attention right away with its unique surface pattern matched with a beautiful gold inner lining. For those looking for a cleaner look, the Brilliant Imogen and Mercator Danska are a good choice.

The Kristov, Laya and Lauren pendant lights from Mercator feature glass as the main element. The glass element is perfectly complemented by the concrete, copper and timber finishes to deliver a pure and relaxed modern vibe to the home décor.

The wire cage trend is back in full swing this season with major players such as Eglo, Mercator and Telbix all releasing their own unique styles of the wire pendant lights to cater for different tastes. One thing’s for certain, these pendant lights are sure to add an industrial-chic feel to your home. The exposed bulbs as featured in the Zappa and Storm pendant lights offer an organic architectural appeal to a contemporary décor. Another popular choice is the cocoon-styled Campilo pendant light from Eglo, which will lit up beautifully as shards of light escape from the openings between the weaves. Meanwhile, the guys at Telbix took a slightly different approach by releasing the Artis, which offers a more rigid architectural design with straight wires running through.

These pendant lights have one thing in common – metal is featured as the core element in classic black, white and copper finishes. The Polk is our best-selling pendant collection featuring a unique rounded design that goes well with most contemporary home décor. The Nordic pendant light collection is another popular choice that offers a similar but slightly more rigid look. Another customer favourite is the Saigon pendant light that has a generous rounded shade in Copper Patina finish and inner copper. The spotted surface pattern is a unique feature of the Saigon that we absolutely love! On the other hand, those looking to place few pendants in a row on a kitchen island or dining table can choose the Eglo Petto mini pendants.

Timber never goes out of style. Period. One can argue that the warm and cosy appeal of timber material highlights our basic human affinity to Mother Nature. Whatever the reason may be, we can be sure to expect timber pendant lights on every season of new product releases. For this season, there are many stunning designs that caught our attention. The Cuzco pendant light from Mercator features a lovely rounded dome shade. The Hershey pendant light, on the other hand, offers an exotic look that reminds us of the bamboo steamer used to make Asian delicacies. The Peeta pendant with its bold hexagonal shapes is also paving its way to becoming one of our bestsellers. For an ultra-modern look, the Zara pendant light from CLA is an excellent choice with a special coating on a metal base. If you prefer a fun and young contemporary décor, then the Bach pendant light from Fiorentino is our go-to choice.

The Bridie pendant light from Mercator is another one of our personal favourites among the team. The oversized glass dome shade with a curved in bottom opening accentuates a really bold and raw industrial design, and we absolutely love it! Speaking of options, the Bridie also comes in three colours – smoke, fuschia and clear – in two different sizes. Pair the Bridie with a carbon filament globe for an absolutely stunning pendant light that is sure to impress!

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