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RGB & Colour Temperature: Exciting Developments in Lighting Technology

Let’s face it, our house rooms are not as clear cut as the names suggest. Our bedroom is not just for sleeping. We might be spending the night doing our unfinished projects or watching the latest television dramas. Similarly, the kitchen is probably not just for eating or cooking. You might be reading a good book while waiting for the food to get ready. As multi-functional as our rooms are, we also need multi-functional lighting too!

Colour Changing RGB Technology

We have all seen lights that can change in colour, shifting periodically from red, blue, green and yellow. In our industry, this colour changing technology is simply achieved by tweaking the RGB composition to match what our eyes perceive. These colour changing RGB lights are perfect for adding a splash of festive mood to the home environment, or creating the personality you wish to project to your house guests.

Colour changing RGB LEDs can be used on their own if the main purpose is to create decorative mood lighting. Deck lights such as Brilliant Cavetto and Havit 316 Stainless Steel, or Crompton Garden Bollards are great for this purpose.

For general lighting purpose, colour changing RGB LEDs are usually added as a complement to the main light output. This type of light fittings can serve both general lighting and mood lighting purposes at the same time. Check out the beautiful Eglo Mysterio, Eglo Perillo and Eglo Cardito from the crystal range.

Adjustable Colour Temperature Technology

The most recent development in the industry is adjustable colour temperature technology. With this new technology, you can switch between warm white light and cool white light, toggling between a chilled, relaxed atmosphere and a task environment that demands high concentration levels. Having the option to adjust the levels and temperatures of the light will give you a complete control over the mood and feel of the room.

The Eglo Cardito Crystal Pendant Light is one such exceptional light with the built-in adjustable colour temperature technology. While the initial outlay is higher, we feel that it definitely worth it to have the option to change colour temperature. This beautiful crystal pendant light can be placed over the kitchen bench top, dining table or study desk to create an elegant, yet functional light d├ęcor.

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