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Beautiful Carbon Filament Globes for Your Home

Have you seen these charming-looking globes before? Perhaps during one of your fine dining experiences or café visits? These are called carbon filament globes, an old technology reminiscent of the days of incandescent globes but revamped for modern day uses.

Carbon filament technology is very old. It was the major breakthrough in human history to creating the first practical electric globe that could reliably replace candles as the main source of light for most of the twentieth century. As human technology evolved however, incandescent globes would soon become obsolete. Just like how cassettes and floppy disks were replaced, incandescent globe’s poor energy efficiency and short run life were overcome by fluorescent and more recently LED technology. However, there is one undeniable truth about carbon filament globes: they looked stunning.

With this in mind, lighting designers have come up with a new solution: LED carbon filament style globe. These LED carbon filament style globes replicate the glowing design of the internal element without the downfall of poor energy efficiency and short run life. These LED carbon filament style globes achieve both form and function. They are excellent as decorative lights and at the same time serve its main purpose to provide good lighting for the room. We recommend using these on light fittings that expose the light globe, such as a pendant light or chandelier. Have a browse at our selection of Carbon Filament Globes

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