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JD Mastertip: How to Prepare Your Ceiling Fan for All Seasons

Did you know? Ceiling fans equipped with the latest reverse cycle technology is suited for all seasonal usage, including winter? When the reverse mode is switched on, the ceiling fan can actually circulate warm air from heaters downwards, thereby helping to keep the room warm and toasty for winter.

Great news! However, we notice many Australians forget about this great feature on their ceiling fans and never utilise it to its full potential! Now that winter is fast approaching, it is important to make sure your ceiling fan is turning in the right direction.

For winter use, make sure your ceiling fan blades are turning counter-clockwise. This circulates warm air downwards and traps the heat inside the room.

For summer use, make sure your ceiling fan blades are turning clockwise. This action drags cool air downwards and can make the room few degrees colder than outside.

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