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Why buy Martec products?

  • Martec manufactures high quality CEILING FANS, LIGHTING and BATHROOM HEATERS.
  • JD Lighting delivers all over Australia at extremely competitive prices and prompt delivery.
  • JD Lighting is one of the biggest stockists in the industry and we are the official stockist of Martec.
  • Martec is an Australian owned company with over 40 years experience delivering and catering to the Australian market. The products lead the market in terms of range, size, materials, design, innovation, cost efficiency.
  • All products comply with Australian Standards in quality, design and safety and are ISO certified.

Features of Martec products:

Martec Ceiling Fans

Martec motors are recognised as one of the best performing in the industry, ensuring whisper quiet noise and maximum durability.
Martec ceiling fans also work during winter. Most fans come with a Reverse Cycle feature (listed in “Features” tab of each product on website) in the form of a switch on the motor on the fan which draws the air up, re-circulating the warm air to complement your heaters and help lower your electricity bills.
Martec also offers an excellent outdoor fan selection. These fans are perfect for patios and verandas, providing waterproof protection that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The coastal ceiling fans are resistant to high chloride air (i.e. salt water), thereby preventing corrosion.

(Martec ceiling fan series: Martec Envirofan, Martec Lifestyle, Martec Lifestyle DC Series, Martec Precision, Martec Primo, Martec Razor, Martec Trisera, Martec Hamilton)

Martec Lighting

Martec`s focus on LED lighting paves way for the future in lowering the carbon footprint as well reducing electricity bills. A diverse range of products are designed to suit your lighting needs.

(Martec Lighting Series; Martec LED downlights, Martec LED spotlights, Martec LED globes, Martec LED surface mounted, Martec LED Ribbons, Martec LED Outdoor lighting, Martec Fluorescent)

Martec Bathroom Heaters

Martec’s innovative 3-in-1 Bathroom heater, exhaust fan, and light can be fitted to almost any environment. With high extraction exhaust fans, sleek modern design and LED technology, 3-in-1 bathroom heaters are certain to perform and look fantastic in any bathroom. The key areas of instant heat, bright LED and quiet and effective exhaust are all covered through years of experience and craftsmanship.
If you are looking for 2-in-1 (exhaust fan with LED), or just exhaust fan alone, we offer a range of powerful, well designed products to suit your requirements.
All product comes with warrantees.

(Martec bathroom series: Martec 3 in1 Heaters, Martec Exhaust Fans)